BUSY stepping up against domestic violence in First Nations communities

Domestic violence is a societal issue that affects all Australian’s, regardless of income, status or postcode. Whether you have personally experienced violence within your home or know someone close to you who has, the impact on Australian communities and societal wellbeing is something we all need to be aware of – and be proactive in ending.

BUSY At Work and BUSY Sisters have recently joined a worthy cause to step up against domestic violence amongst our First Nations people. The project aims to educate and raise awareness of domestic violence in First Nations communities to increase respect and break the cycle.

Our BUSY staff will be wearing specially designed purple shirts to start conversations in community to support this aim. The shirts were printed with a design by indigenous artist, Sharaya Summers. In the design, the handprints represent community, and the central circle represents inner strength and empowerment with support. The ‘U’ symbols around circles show women uniting. At the bottom, five women stand in solidarity with a line saying, ‘Breaking the Cycle’, highlighting that domestic violence is violence within one’s domestic circle.

It is hoped that along the way, other business and community leaders, employees and their families, will gain insight and awareness – or join the cause themselves.

Domestic violence is a leading cause of displacement, homelessness, homicide and poor mental or physical health. While domestic violence can affect anyone, women, children and First Nation’s people have a disproportionally higher prevalence when it comes to the impacts of domestic violence.  Learn more

While it is up to all of us to make a difference in changing attitudes and the main causes of domestic violence, businesses and organisations can make a huge difference in leading the way.

Cassandra Horan, General Manager of Australian Apprenticeship Support Network services at BUSY At Work, said “BUSY At Work and BUSY Sisters have joined this worthwhile cause! These shirts, a partnership between GaWun Supplies, Blaq Diamond’s Women Empowerment and Challenge DV, are a conversation starter to keep educating community on the effects of domestic violence, particularly in our First Nations communities.

“We have such a large reach with the next generation of apprentices and trainees and these conversations and supports are so important to stop the cycle.”

“BUSY At Work and BUSY Sisters have held a long-term focus on gender equality and empowering women to be more financially independent. Supporting women to enter traditionally male-dominated roles and to believe they can do things society once told them was not possible.

“Our team will be attending many events in the future to show our support. On 30th and 31st of May 2024, we will undertake the Darkness to Daylight fundraising run and walk event to support Challenge DV – so look out for our purple shirts!”

To support the BUSY team raise funds for Challenge DV in their upcoming participation in the Darkness to Daylight initiative go to Challenge DV – BUSY At Work (darknesstodaylight.org)

BUSY Sisters mentors and BUSY At Work staff with Keith Tracey-Patte from Challenge DV (second from left), Melissa Drummond-Anderson from Blaq Diamond’s Women Empowerment (3rd from right), and Michael Grundon from GaWun Supplies (far right).