Gold Coast Titans NRLW Support ‘Women in Manufacturing Strategy’

In an inspiring collaboration, the Gold Coast Titans NRLW team backed by BUSY At Work and the Palaszczuk Labor Government have joined forces to champion the Women in Manufacturing Strategy. This dynamic partnership aims to revolutionise the manufacturing industry, empower young apprentices, and pave the way for gender equality. 

With Manufacturing Month in full swing, the Gold Coast Titans women’s team has thrown its weight behind the Women in Manufacturing Strategy. Launched in March 2023 by the Palaszczuk Government, this strategy is geared towards attracting and retaining women in the manufacturing sector, with a particular focus on breaking down barriers in traditionally male-dominated roles. 

The heart of this partnership lies in two transformative tools: the Women in Manufacturing Mentoring Program and the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Toolkit. 

The Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Toolkit, delivered to manufacturing businesses across Queensland, offers virtual resources and strategies to foster diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workforce. By providing essential tools to employers, this initiative aims to diversify the manufacturing sector, enhance resilience, and reduce turnover. 

There’s a profound connection between women working in traditional male-dominated industries and women in sports. Both spheres share a common goal: gender equality and equal access to opportunities. Through this partnership, the Titans NRLW team is championing not only women in sport but also women in manufacturing, proving that barriers can be broken, and opportunities can be seized. 

Manufacturing in Queensland is a powerhouse, contributing a staggering $20 billion annually to the economy and providing employment to around 180,000 Queenslanders. However, with the workforce projected to require an additional 280,000 workers by 2024/25, the Palaszczuk Government recognises the need to attract more women to the industry to bridge this gap. 

Minister for Regional Development and Manufacturing, Glenn Butcher, emphasised the significance of a diverse manufacturing industry: “A bigger and more diverse manufacturing industry means more secure Queensland jobs. Attracting and upskilling women is a win-win for the workforce and for women.” 

Titans CEO, Steve Mitchell, shared their commitment to women’s rugby league and the program’s alignment in values and objectives. He highlighted their shared goal of creating greater opportunities for women, both in work and in sport. 

Titans player and BUSY at Work Apprenticeship Field Officer, Emily Bass, stated “It’s a privilege to inspire young apprentices and I gain personal pride in seeing my passions for sports and supporting women to enter trade careers like manufacturing, converge.

“I’m pleased that BUSY At Work and the Palaszczuk Government’s Women in Manufacturing strategy are leading the way by supporting women in sport and making industry connections, on and off the field to improve the participation of women in male dominated occupations.”

Join the Movement – #Jobs Don’t Have Genders! 

BUSY At Work believe that jobs don’t have genders and by promoting diversity and inclusion, empowering young apprentices, and bridging the gender gap in manufacturing (and other entry points for women in non-traditional trades), we are building a brighter future for all.  

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