It’s Women’s Health Week 2022

Just like all of our BUSY Sisters, Jean Hailes is a pioneer for women! When she realised back in 2013 that there was no event dedicated to women’s health in Australia, she took it upon herself to run the very first national Women’s Health Week. In that initial year, thousands of women across Australia subscribed to take part in a week of events and online activities, learning more about their health.

Now in its tenth year, Women’s Health week inspires hundreds of thousands of Australian women to participate in thousands of events across the country or get involved in online campaigns.

The focus is important because let’s face it, there’s a lot to learn about health in every stage of a woman’s life – from puberty and all the complications that can arise from that, sexual health (and all the complications…), pregnancy (and all the complications that can arise from that – for the next 16 years plus…), menopause and ageing (oh my…), and of course, mental health (at any of those stages).

With women busier than ever, juggling careers, families, friendships and everything else, taking time out to focus on health is so incredibly important!

So BUSY Sisters, if you’re reading this we want you to ask yourself:

‘Self, what state of health am I in right now – physically and mentally?’

Because checking in on yourself is important and if what you check in on does not come back the way it should, getting yourself checked by a health professional is the next most important step. Book that appointment with your health professional and address it. Stop and do it now because, as we all know, early intervention is the key to overcoming any issue, big or small.

Even if your health check on yourself does come back completely rosy, there are always little things all of us can do to improve our health. It may be as little as spending 5 minutes in the garden every couple of hours when working or caring for children at home, just to appreciate nature and breathe (hopefully) some fresh air. Or walking the dog every morning, just you and the doggo – blissfull.

With work taking up much of our lives it’s incredibly important to feel happy and healthy in the workplace too. Taking a break every now and then to get another perspective when things seem overwhelming, or talking to someone you can trust in your workplace if something is really challenging, these are also important steps to keeping your stress levels lower and/or assessing what is better for you and your health. We’ve got some references on what constitutes a healthy workplace in this recent post too. Why Healthy Workplaces Benefit Everyone

To all our BUSY Sisters on Women’s Health Week, we hope you are taking some time this week to focus on you and your health!

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